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About Us


BVY Pty Ltd (T/A BVY Traffic Survey, Trans Traffic Survey) is an 100% Australian own traffic, transportation and parking data consultant, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

The business focus is to deliver exceptional quality, for ever changing needs and demands, to deliver effective data solutions leading to credible traffic management and transport planning solutions.

We possess latest and most sophisticated automated surveying equipment:

  • 300+ Automatic pneumatic tube counters and Induction Loop counters.
  • 10+ Radar automatic traffic counters, replacing tube counters in high risk traffic location.
  • 300+ specialized video instruments that automatically collect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists movements.
  • Computer Vision Software that automatically and extremely accurately tracks and counts vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from collected field video.
  • 100+ Specialized ANPR hardware and software to automatically extract number plates for Origin-Destination, Parking Duration of Stay and Turn-over, and Travel Time survey.
  • 200+ GPS and Bluetooth loggers for tracking travel time data. Bluetooth loggers provide cost effective Origin-Destination data in many cases.
  • Our staffs are certified by CASA to fly Drones for taking aerial video and photography.New
Our Services

We provide data collection service all over Australia for more than 15 years, serving from the smallest private citizen surveys to enormous surveys for the world largest engineering firms:

  • ARRB
  • Arup
  • Booz Allen and Hamilton – Booz and Company
  • Cardno
  • Department of Transport
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Hyders Consulting
  • Nexus
  • One Mile Grids
  • Ratio Consultants
  • Roads ACT
  • Transport for NSW, Roads Maritime Services
  • VicRoads
  • City Councils in Victoria and New South Wales We are engineering panel contractor for most of them

We are fully insured for each and every activity for professional and public incidents.

Each and every one of us has at least 10 years’ experience in conducting and organizing traffic and transport data collections and analysis. We are experts in our business and we will collect your data accurately within your budget and time frame.

Our Strength

  • No job is too small.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Advice that balances sound approach with commercial reality.
  • Key team members have more than 10 years’ experience in the industry.
  • All projects receive “Principal’s Input”.

Our Commitments

We understand the necessity for reliable data. We provide only the highest quality products and services so that our customers can be assured that their projects have a sound foundation.

We are involved in all aspects of the survey - from site visit, quotation, actual survey and analysis, thus ensuring quality control in all stages of the survey in hand.

  • Very experienced field personnel. We have a loyal dedicated team, some of whom have been with us for many years.
  • Pre survey site visits, ensuring the right personnel and equipment on each survey.
  • We will deal with your initial enquiry on the day of contact. Only a phone call away from an immediate decision!
  • Confidence in knowing that a quotation request is dealt with the same day, or within 24 hrs at the most, with a firm indication of available survey dates.
  • Very fast turn around of analysis of data – generally a small to medium survey is analysed and forwarded to our client within 48/72 hours.

Our Services

People Count

Video and Manual

Vehicle Count

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Video Intersection Count

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Number Plate Surveys

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Vehicle Origin and Destination

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Bluetooth Tracking and Travel Time

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

GPS Tracking and Travel Time

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Parking Occupancy Survey

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Parking Duration of Stay and Turn Over Study

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

People Tracking and Origin Destination

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Drone Aerial Video and Photography

Video, Manual, and Computer Vision

Contact Us

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Caroline Springs 3023

Tel : 1300 82 88 82
Fax : 1300 83 88 83